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  • Further Details on Changes to the G.I. Bill in H.R. 3016
    Posted in Blog on February 10, 2016 | Preview rr
    Tags: Veterans

    About a year ago, the Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission (MCRMC) issued a report “to conduct a review of military compensation and retirement systems and to make recommendations to modernize such systems.” The report’s aim was to, in part, “ensure the long-term viability of the All-Volunteer Force” and “enable the quality of life for members of the Armed Forces and the other uniformed services and their families in a manner that fosters successful recruitment, retentio... Read more

  • Here to Help with Federal Agencies
    Posted in Blog on February 2, 2016 | Preview rr

    We all are too familiar with how bureaucratic and cumbersome the government has grown, and citizens too often feel overwhelmed when trying to deal with federal agencies. This includes everything from expediting passports to helping resolve tax returns stolen by identity thieves to convincing the Social Security Administration you are actually still alive! Our professional staff of caseworkers helps Ohio constituents every day in our congressional office with problems like these, and we may be ab... Read more

  • Our National Security is in a State of Decline
    Posted in Blog on January 12, 2016 | Preview rr
    Tags: Defense – ALIGN

    Four years ago, we were confidently told "Al-Qaeda is on the run." Seal Team Six successfully eliminated Osama Bin Laden, and President Obama was trumpeting the end of the War in Iraq and the drawdown in Afghanistan. What a difference four years makes. Our troop presence is growing in Iraq to beat back a new terrorist threat. The Taliban is seizing land in Afghanistan and withdrawals have correctly been halted. Terror has again reached the shores of Europe, and America. Do you feel safer today? ... Read more

  • Security requires pause on refugees
    Posted in Blog on November 19, 2015 | Preview rr
    Tags: Defense – ALIGN

    In 2011, two men in Bowling Green, Kentucky, were filmed packaging weapons – phony stinger missiles and explosives provided by an undercover agent – to send to Al-Qaeda in Iraq. As the FBI investigated, they discovered that one of the men had planted IEDs in Iraq, killing American troops, and both had been detained previously in Iraq. These men entered the U.S in 2009 through the Iraqi refugee program, passing the vetting process despite fighting against our troops. Upon this discovery, the Obam... Read more

  • Freedom Is A Gift From Our Veterans. We Owe Them An Accountable VA.
    Posted in Blog on November 11, 2015 | Preview rr
    Tags: Veterans

    In 1998, I called 1-800-USA-ARMY. At the age of 39, I signed up for the U.S. Army Reserve, and later deployed to Iraq as a combat surgeon. I signed up for similar reasons that many service members did – a love for America and a commitment to serve my fellow citizen. Many of us were called to service after seeing America and her interests attacked time and again. From Beirut to the first World Trade Center bombing, I knew that America would only remain free because brave men and women volunteer t... Read more

  • Recognizing dual service throughout Ohio
    Posted in Blog on November 10, 2015 | Preview rr
    Tags: Veterans

    Many of our veterans have worn more than one uniform in service to our country and their community. Twice the servant, they place themselves at risk to defend the United States in our armed services only to also protect and serve communities as law enforcement or first responders. Serving abroad and here at home, their common thread is an admirable inability to separate self from service. This dual servant represents a burden few others endure. We, as legislators in Ohio and veterans of Operatio... Read more

  • End the Export-Import Bank
    Posted in Blog on October 13, 2015 | Preview rr
    Tags: Budget/Government Spending, Jobs/Economy

    The Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im) is a government agency that provides loans, loan guarantees and export credit insurance to foreign clients of some of America’s largest corporations. These benefits are backed by you, the American taxpayer. At the end of June, the Bank's charter expired, and while it's continuing current obligations, it cannot make any new loans or loan guarantees. Many in Congress want to renew the program, and it looks like the House of Representatives will vote on this in late ... Read more

  • Why I Oppose the Iran Deal
    Posted in Blog on September 10, 2015 | Preview rr
    Tags: Defense – ALIGN

    This week, I plan to vote against the Iran Nuclear Agreement (the Iran Deal). The proposition is a dangerous move for a multitude of reasons: - Key provisions of the deal sunset in just 10-15 years - Iran is not required to dismantle nuclear facilities and technology - "Anytime, anywhere" inspections of suspect nuclear sites are not included - This deal will further destabilize the turbulent Middle East - Sanctions relief can help finance global terror organizations To strengthen our opposition... Read more

  • Trade
    Posted in Blog on June 11, 2015 | Preview rr
    Tags: Jobs/Economy

    When it comes to trade, Congress has the opportunity to restore trust, accountability, and transparency into the process through Trade Promotion Authority (known as TPA).With the proposed Trade Promotion Authority coming from the House of Representatives: Congress becomes an equal partner with the President in approving free trade proposals. Congress will establish the objectives of potential trade bills. Congress must give any trade deal an up-or-down vote. The text of any trade deal is require... Read more

  • The Digital Battleground
    Posted in Blog on April 28, 2015 | Preview rr
    Tags: Defense – ALIGN

    In the 21st Century, attacks from nations like China and Russia and unsavory actors like ISIS have gone digital. Those who seek to harm U.S. interests are using increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks, compromising internet accounts and networks to steal our personal information and shut down our national commerce. These events not only cause disruptions online, but seek to disable our national infrastructure and commerce. In 2014, several cyber attacks targeted consumers, private companies, n... Read more