Our National Debt:

As a result of the irresponsible spending and borrowing that occurred under both parties before I came to Congress, America is now facing a debt crisis that threatens our security and prosperity.  Our national debt has grown from $10.6 trillion in January 2009 to over $18 trillion today; that equals $52,000 for every man, woman and child. We spent over $220 billion in net interest on our debt in 2012—more than we spent on education and transportation combined.

Continuing to borrow and spend at the expense of our children and grandchildren is not only irresponsible – it’s immoral. We need to make spending cuts and reforms now to ensure a stronger, better America for our generations of tomorrow. That is why one of my first actions as a new member of Congress was to cosponsor a balanced budget amendment, H.J.Res.1.  

Cosponsored Legislation

H.R. 24
- Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2013
H.R. 273 - To eliminate the 2013 statutory pay adjustment for Federal employees.
H.R. 807 - Full Faith and Credit Act
H.R. 828 - Decrease Spending Now Act
H.J.RES. 1 - Proposing a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

Legislation I voted for
Republican Study Committee Substitute Amendment - achieves a balanced budget within four years. 

Legislation I have voted for and passed the House
H.R. 325 – The No Budget, No Pay Act of 2013
H.R. 273 - To eliminate the 2013 statutory pay adjustment for Federal employees
H.R. 668 - To require that annual budget submissions of the President to Congress provide an estimate of the cost per taxpayer of the deficit, and other purposes.
H.R. 890 - Preserving Work Requirements for Welfare Programs Act
H.Con.Res. 25 - Establishing the budget for the United States Government for fiscal year 2014, which would balance in 10 years

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