Brad Wenstrup Votes to Repeal Obamacare

Washington, May 16, 2013 Contact: Greg Brooks ((202) 225-3164)

Today, Representative Brad Wenstrup voted for the full repeal of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Wenstrup, a cosponsor of H.R. 45, has been active in working to repeal provisions of the law since his support of Ohio’s Health Care Freedom Amendment in 2011. As a doctor of 26 years and a combat surgeon in the U.S.  Army Reserve, Wenstrup knows first-hand the challenges that Obamacare poses for both patients and doctors.

“The Affordable Care Act is neither affordable nor provides adequate care for Americans. As a physician, I know our health care system is broken, but Washington meddling only makes it worse. No law should insert a government bureaucrat between a patient and their doctor” Wenstrup said.

Three years after enactment, the Affordable Care Act has raised premiums, increased health care costs, and added burdensome regulations to the nation’s healthcare system. At a time of continued economic uncertainty, American families and small businesses simply cannot afford the financial burden imposed by this law.

Wenstrup continued, “The president’s health care law puts too much control in the hands of the federal government, creating a complex system that emphasizes government intrusion over actual patient care.”

H.R. 45 passed by a bipartisan vote of 229 to 195, reflecting the sentiment of the 65% of Americans who do not have a favorable view of the Affordable Care Act. Going forward, Wenstrup will continue working towards solutions that will lower costs and improve care for all Americans.