Wenstrup Joins GOP Leadership Press Conference to Speak on Iran

Washington, January 8, 2020 Contact: Ann Tumolo (202-225-3164)

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman Brad Wenstrup (OH-2) joined GOP Leadership's weekly press conference to discuss President Trump's decision to strike and kill General Soleimani. A link to the video and a transcript of his full remarks are below:

Watch Congressman Wenstrup's full remarks here.  

Let’s make no mistake about this and about what occurred in the last few days. This was a defensive strike against a terrorist. A terrorist that worked against Americans and has American blood on his hands.

When I served in Iraq, I had the unfortunate experience to zip body bags of Americans that had been killed, many at the hands of someone like Soleimani. We amputated limbs, we saw traumatic brain injury. I think General Milley said it very well when he said that we would be culpably negligent if we did not act when we had the opportunity.

You know, today, we have some that seemingly are more aligned with Iranian General Soleimani than with American General Milley… and that’s a shame. But you know this administration, this president, this Secretary of State, this Secretary of Defense, this Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff have said, they’ll be no more Benghazis, there’ll be no more hostage taking of our diplomats at our embassies, and there’ll be no more taking of American lives. And if there is, we will react.

Just recently, we had one of our UAV’s taken down by Iranians, we have had the attack in Kirkuk where an American was killed, and we’ve had the attack on our embassy. Today, thrown on the ash heap of history, is General Soleimani—a terrorist. Along with al-Baghdadi and along with Osama Bin Laden. And to those Americans killed and maimed—and to your families, you’re not forgotten, because some justice has been served.

To those who play politics with this, with this defensive action of Americans and American interests, and to those who say this is an overreaction, it’s an insult to the American lives lost. It’s an insult to those who have been maimed and permanently damaged. And it trivializes the American lives that have been spared by this action to take out a terrorist that was ready, and willing, and prepared to act to kill more Americans."