GOP Doctors Caucus Statement on Efforts to Provide Relief to America’s Health Care Providers

Washington, December 7, 2021 Contact:

WASHINGTON – Today, the GOP Doctors Caucus issued the following statement regarding House Democrats' choice to tie bipartisan relief to physicians from impending Medicare cuts to an increase in the debt limit:

“House Democrats are deciding that patients' access to health care is clearly not their priority.

"First and foremost, we want to ensure that Medicare patients have access to quality care. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, health care providers have faced serious instability and uncertainty. Pairing those concerns with scheduled cuts to physician and provider reimbursements would be disastrous for Americans trying to get the medical treatment they need.

"After working out a good-faith compromise on a legislative proposal, House Democrats are blowing up the bipartisan agreement and attaching this package to a debt limit increase. Protecting patients' access to care and helping health care providers during a pandemic is a bipartisan cause that deserves sincere congressional action. Instead, Democrats have decided to use patients and doctors as hostages to clear the way for them to continue their reckless and partisan spending spree. Democrats are playing dangerous games with patients' access to care.

"This political gamesmanship is completely unacceptable and a disservice to our patients and health care providers across the country."