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Today, the great state of Ohio turns 214. Every day, whether I'm working in the district or in D.C., I feel incredibly lucky to call this special state my home.

As we celebrate Ohio’s birthday today, I can’t help but reflect on the many contributions – both large and small – that Ohio has made to American history. From Chillicothe, to Zanesville, to Columbus, there is a long list of innovations, inventions, and ideas that hail from right here in our home state. Take a look at a few -- some of them might even surprise you:

 Play-Doh: First manufactured in Cincinnati in the 1930s as a wallpaper cleaner.
   The Airplane: With their airplane, the Wright brothers of Dayton opened a new way of travel that spans the globe.
The Light Bulb: Thomas Edison, born in Milan, Ohio, invented the incandescent light bulb, forever changing the way the world lived.

  Hot Dogs: The creation of the hot dog is credited to Harry Mosley Stevens, a Niles, Ohio native who, in the early 1900s, first sold what he called "red hot dachshund sausages."
Pop-Tab: In 1977, Ermal Fraze, a machine tool operator in Dayton, patented the first push-in and fold-back can tab.

Rubber: Akron, Ohio is named the "Rubber Capital of the World" because of the four major tire companies housed there, which also spurred the American trucking industry.

America has a storied history of men and women who took incredible risks to pioneer new frontiers, harness new technologies, and envision a future that was better than their today. Building and creating is part of our DNA as a nation. It’s who we are. I’m proud that – in ways both large and small -- our state has contributed to this legacy of innovation and invention for 214 years.

Too often today, though, instead of being the entity to help propel innovation, the federal government is holding it back. This has to change. Let’s get Washington out of the way and give individuals and businesses the tools necessary to innovate and excel. Let’s roll back the unnecessary red tape that is choking vital American industries. Let’s reward success. Let’s empower and equip the next generation of self-starters, entrepreneurs, and inventors through strong industry and college partnerships.

Let's celebrate Ohio's birthday, and 214 years of innovation, by paving the way for a future that is bright with new discoveries.

In Your Service,

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