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Poll: Which Issues are Most Important to You?

Every week in Congress, bills are voted on, committee hearings are held, and legislation is drafted. Congressional action covers a wide variety of issues; from transportation and veterans’ affairs, to agriculture and financial services.

As the 115th Congress gets underway, it is important that Congressman Wenstrup knows which issues are most important to you and what legislation and votes you are most interested in staying updated on as he works to represent you here in Washington.

Question of the week: Which issues are most important to you?

   [_] Agriculture
 [_] Budget/Government Spending
 [_] Defense
 [_] Consumer Protection
 [_] Crime and Law Enforcement
 [_] Education 
 [_] Energy
 [_] Environment
 [_] Financial Services   
 [_] Government Reform
 [_] Healthcare
 [_] Housing
 [_] International Relations
[_] Labor
[_] Jobs/Economy
[_] Manufacturing
[_] Medical Research
[_] Science/Technology
[_] Second Amendment
[_] Small Business
[_] Social Security/Medicare
[_] Veterans
[_] Tax Reform
[_] Transportation
[_] Other (share your thoughts) 
Take the poll here.

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