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If you walk through the Capitol Rotunda and look up, you will see “The Apotheosis of Washington.” This beautiful work of art graces the dome 180 feet above the rotunda floor and covers 4,664 square feet. It depicts George Washington ascending into the clouds, surrounded by the goddesses of Victory and Liberty and 13 maidens representing the 13 colonies.

While it’s a stunning piece of art with great historical significance, I can’t help but imagine George Washington chuckling a bit if he saw it. Because at the end of the day, Washington -- the first U.S. president and commander-in-chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War -- was a humble man. He was keenly aware of the weight of his responsibilities, but never seemed to take himself too seriously. His life was service-oriented.

After Washington died, President’s Day was established as a perennial remembrance of his life and leadership. Over the years, the holiday has expanded to honor all past American presidents. It’s a day when we reflect on all the individuals who served as leaders of the free world and defenders of our great republic, and who have left indelible marks on our national history. As we commemorate President’s Day, though, let us not forget the truth that George Washington’s example reminds us of: that our leaders are here to serve. The greatest voice shaping our nation over the course of its 238-year history has always been – and must always be – the voice of the American people.

You can read my full column on what we need to remember this President's Day here.

In Your Service,

Fighting for those who fought for us
Too often, when our men and women in uniform return home after their service to this country, finding a job and assimilating back into civilian life proves fraught with challenges. The House recently passed legislation to make this transition smoother:
  • The HIRE Vets Act: Creates a self-funded awards program that recognizes the meaningful work of employers to hire and retain veterans. This recognition program will encourage businesses to increase their efforts to employ veterans, addressing veteran unemployment numbers.

  • The WINGMAN Act: Makes it easier for congressional caseworkers (like the ones in my district office) to help veterans by allowing them to have read-only, direct access to necessary veterans casework documents - with the veterans' permission. This removes the bureaucratic middle man from the process.

  • The BRAVE Act: Authorizes the Department of Veterans Affairs to give preference to companies that employ high percentages of veterans full-time when awarding procurement contracts.  This will make the job-search process for veterans less challenging.                               

Featured Policy Letter
Letter to Senate Judiciary Committee in support of Judge Neil Gorsuch

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Cincinnati State
Learning and mastering a trade makes you an expert in your field. To be able to say “I built this” or “I created this” provides not only a tremendous amount of personal pride, but also a great deal of value to our country. It was great meeting with representatives from Cincinnati State Technical and Community College to discuss supporting strong industry and college partnerships that empower students with a variety of options (including technical and vocational training), to ensure they are best equipped to enter the job market, compete, and succeed.
Lifetime Leadership Award
Empowering our veterans with the educational assistance and opportunities they need in order to build their own futures is the least we can do when they return home from service. I am deeply grateful to the National Association of State Approving Agencies for honoring me with their Lifetime Leadership Award, and I look forward to continuing to partner with them to ensure our veterans receive the benefits and opportunities they deserve and have earned. As a veteran myself, it’s not just a duty -- but an honor -- to serve those who have served. Click here to learn more.


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Armed Services
 Last week, the House Armed Services Committee took a deep dive into specific threats faced by the United States with a hearing titled "The Evolving Threat of Terrorism and Effective Counterterrorism Strategies." Terror groups like ISIS, with no defined borders and a global reach, have changed the way the intelligence community approaches counterterrorism efforts and we must constantly be vigilant to ensure we're keeping the homeland safe.

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