The House of Representatives has a total of 20 committees, in addition to 2 select committees and 4 joint committees shared with the Senate. These committees and their respective subcommittees are tasked with conducting hearings, examining and developing legislation, conducting oversight, and/or helping to manage chamber business and activities.

 I serve on the following committees:

House Armed Services Committee – The House Armed Services Committee retains exclusive jurisdiction over defense policy generally, ongoing military operations, the organization and reform of the Department of Defense and Department of Energy, counter-drug programs, acquisition and industrial base policy, technology transfer and export controls, joint interoperability, the Cooperative Threat Reduction program, Department of Energy nonproliferation programs, and detainee affairs and policy.

House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs - The House Committee on Veterans' Affairs reviews veterans' programs, examines current laws, and reports bills and amendments to strengthen existing laws concerning veterans and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), such as health care, disability compensation, GI Bill education and job training, home loan guarantees, life insurance policies, and a nationwide system of veterans' cemeteries.

House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence - The Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence is charged with the oversight of the United States Intelligence Community, which includes the intelligence and intelligence-related activities of 17 elements of the U.S. Government and the Military Intelligence Program.