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Wenstrup Statement on Charlottesville
August 16, 2017
“I'm as outraged today as I was yesterday, and the days before that. As I made clear this weekend and will continue to do so, white nationalists, Neo-... More
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Tax reform in Peebles
August 15, 2017
I just toured General Electric's (GE) test facility in Peebles, OH. This facility is the 'last stop before flight,' where engines are tested and must ... More
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Action alert: fighting Ohio's human trafficking crisis
August 10, 2017
Friend, Did you know Ohio ranks fifth in the nation in human trafficking cases? Last year, 375 Ohio trafficking cases were reported from 1,352 calls t... More
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long overdue
August 8, 2017
Friend, Last night, Southern State Community College in Hillsboro was packed with friends and family as Lt. Col. Harry Shoop, a World War II veteran, ... More
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fighting poverty is local
August 7, 2017
Friend, Fighting poverty is a personal priority of mine as your representative here in Congress. I strongly believe that effectively empowering Americ... More
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