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FY2022 Community Project Funding Requests

Article I, sections 8 & 9 of the United States Constitution establish Congress's “power of the purse” — control of federal spending. In years past, Congress limited the types of specific funding provisions that members of Congress could request in order to curb abusive practices. At the beginning of the 117th Congress, House Democrats decided to bring back these types of requests, subject to additional guidelines and increased transparency requirements. Following that decision, the House Republican Conference voted to allow House Republicans to participate in the new process. Though I voted against doing so and would have preferred the prohibition on these types of requests remain in place, I will operate within these rules to best serve Ohio's Second District constituents.

Below are the following Community Project Funding requests that I submitted for the Fiscal Year 2022 appropriations process. The requests represent projects from across southern and southwestern Ohio that would benefit Ohioans in the Second District. They have been long-standing community needs and were brought to my attention by members of our community — not Washington lobbyists. I have listed them alphabetically in the interest of transparency and to certify that I have no personal financial interest in any of them. 

Adams County Natural Gas Line 

  • Location: Adams County 

  • Funding Recipient: Adams County 

  • Address: Adams County Pipeline Seaman, Adams County, Ohio 2nd Congressional District  

  • Description: This project would drive economic development to the region with a gas line connected to the business and industrial parks. It has been a priority for Adams County due to the inability to compete for industrial and commercial development and the jobs they bring. ($1,000,000)  

Child Focus Facility Expansion and Programming

  • Location: Brown County

  • Funding Recipient: Child Focus 

  • Address: 4629 Aicholtz Road Cincinnati, OH 45244 

  • Description: This funding would help Child Focus, a Clermont County based 501(c)3 that serves a majority of OH-02’s counties, offset the cost of a new facility in Brown County and to expand programming. The organization provides services to assist minors with primary care screenings as well as mental health, substance use disorder, and other behavioral health issues that might be missed in acute care settings. ($1,000,000)

Chillicothe Wastewater Treatment Plant 

  • Location: Ross County

  • Funding Recipient: City of Chillicothe 

  • Address: 35 S. Paint St. Chillicothe, OH 45601 

  • Description: This project would allow the city wastewater plant to continue compliance with Ohio EPA requirements, and continue to serve the 10,300 customers and business accounts that rely on this utility. This project would also allow for increased capacity to support planned growth in the region. ($14,000,000)

Georgetown Water Tower Repair 

  • Location: Brown County 

  • Funding Recipient: Village of Georgetown 

  • Address: 301 S. Main St. Georgetown, OH 45121 

  • Description: This funding would allow the village to accelerate plans to perform necessary repairs and improvements to the Hamer Road water tower. Georgetown's 300,000-gallon Hamer Road water tower has not been adequately maintained in over a decade.  ($450,000)

Highland County Community Action Agency Organization Building

  • Location: Highland County 

  • Funding Recipient: Highland County Community Action Organization (HCCAO)

  • Address: 1487 N High St, Ste. 500 Hillsboro, OH 45133-8496 

  • Description: This funding would help complete renovations for Phase 1 of space in the HCCAO Greenfield Building and pay off a portion of the construction/renovation loan, saving money in the long run. Paying off a portion of this loan prior would reduce payments by over $4,000 per month, allowing utilization of existing grant funds for additional direct services to Highland County residents. ($1,200,000)

Loveland Parking Garage 

Madeira Street Safety Improvement Project 

  • Location: Hamilton County 

  • Funding Recipient: City of Madeira 

  • Address: 7141 Miami Ave. Madeira, OH 45243 

  • Description: This project would help complete enhancements to improve traffic and enhance safety for pedestrians and motorists along Madeira's primary commercial corridor. ($3,397,799)

New Richmond Highway Safety Mitigation 

  • Location: Clermont County 

  • Funding Recipient: Village of New Richmond 

  • Address: 102 Willow Street New Richmond, Ohio 45157 

  • Description: This project would improve safety, traffic flow, and air quality along US 52 by converting four lanes of US 52 into two lanes for motorized traffic on former north bound lanes and providing a bike and pedestrian path on former south bound lanes. It would also allow for the conversion of four existing intersections into roundabouts. ($2,979,745)

Portsmouth Water Treatment Plant 

  • Location: Scioto County 

  • Funding Recipient: City of Portsmouth 

  • Address: 728 Second Street, Portsmouth, OH 45662 

  • Description: This project will allow for needed repairs and updates to support reliable, continued service of potable drinking water for the 40,000 existing customers as well as the growing industrial corridor along the Ohio River. ($ 20,000,000) 

University of Cincinnati Medical Center Critical Care Pavilion/Mass Casualty Triage Space 

  • Location: Hamilton County 

  • Funding Recipient: University of Cincinnati Health 

  • Address: 3200 Burnet Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45229 

  • Description: This project would create space at UC Medical Center, the regions only level 1 trauma center, to accommodate mass casualty triage or other surges in demand for care. It would provide a medically equipped area for health teams to triage and treat patients and would serve the great Cincinnati and surrounding communities. ($6,300,000)