Listening to you is a big part of my job description, as your representative. Not only that, but I also believe the best ideas for positive change in our country don’t come from Washington – they come from small business owners, veterans, teachers, and farmers. As Ronald Reagan once said, “All great change in America begins at the dinner table.”

So let’s have a conversation. One of the many tools I use to communicate with constituents in the Second District is telephone town hall meetings, which enable thousands of callers to join in a conference call forum to ask me questions and share feedback with me in a live setting. That means, even when votes keep me here in Washington, D.C., I can cost-effectively connect with thousands of constituents at a time from the convenience of their living rooms. I greatly appreciate these opportunities to hear your thoughts, which is why I hold these telephone town halls numerous times each year. Just last month, I was able to connect with over 16,000 constituents this way.

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