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Wenstrup: “A job is the best social reform program we have”

SNAP bill reinstitutes work requirements, funds nutrition programs

Building on efforts to reform the “Farm Bill” this summer, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 3102, the Nutrition Reform & Work Opportunity Act Thursday evening. The bill funds supplemental nutrition programs like SNAP and WIC for qualified recipients while closing loopholes to better ensure funding goes to those who need it most. Representative Brad Wenstrup, who supports the bill, notes that reforms will not affect individuals who currently qualify under income and asset guidelines.

Additionally, H.R. 3102 re-establishes work requirements that President Obama waived in his 2009 stimulus bill. Reinstated work requirements are designed to help recipients maintain existing job skills or participate in job training programs for the 21st century economy.

 “A job is the best social reform program we have,” Wenstrup said. “A job will do more for someone who has fallen on hard times than a government program ever can. As we continue to struggle to recover from five years of this Obama economy, Ohio taxpayers deserve a federal government that encourages the independence that comes from work and balances our budget.”

 Over the last ten years, SNAP costs have ballooned by 270 percent. Wenstrup described the overall five percent budget reduction as a “strong step” to balancing the federal budget while still supporting the most vulnerable in society.