Operations for Rep. Wenstrup’s Office During Funding Lapse

Wenstrup will Donate Salary to Charity, Furlough Most Office Staff

Washington, September 30, 2013 Contact: Greg Brooks ((202) 225-3164)

Representative Brad Wenstrup released the following statement upon the Senate’s failure to pass legislation to continue funding the government:

“The fact that we have reached this point is a failure of leadership. I am disappointed by President Obama and Harry Reid’s refusal to negotiate in good faith to keep the government open. I will be working to get the government open. I’ve been a doctor and a soldier much longer than a congressman; Each of these positions require working until the job is done.

“I know my constituents want Obamacare repealed and I know they want a government that works. They deserve health care reform that is affordable and provides actual access to care. We have worked to negotiate a compromise that ensures fairness for all: A one year delay of the individual mandate, just like what President Obama already granted businesses, and ending a special subsidy for health insurance for Congress and political appointees. It’s only fair.

“The House has voted three separate times to keep the government open, working through the weekend to find a solution for Ohioans. Only in the dysfunction of D.C. would the Senate refuse to meet until ten hours before a looming deadline. Sadly, they went home for the weekend, refusing to do their work on behalf of the American people.”

Representative Wenstrup will donate his salary to Wounded Warriors Project and Cincinnati’s Freestore Foodbank for the duration of any shutdown. “I can’t accept a salary while veterans and government employees are left empty-handed.  It’s not appropriate and it’s not fair.”

Wenstrup’s congressional office will furlough 70 percent of current staff in line with Constitutional obligations under lapsed appropriations. Second District constituents can reach Wenstrup’s office at (202) 225-3164 for emergency casework issues.

All media inquiries during a lapse of federal appropriations should be directed to (202) 225-3164



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