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Wenstrup Keeping Pressure on IRS for Targeting

Leads Congressional Letter to Protect Free Speech

Washington, April 14, 2014 | Greg Brooks ((202) 225-3164)
Tags: Taxes

WASHINGTON, D.C. – As another Tax Day rolls around, Congressman Brad Wenstrup is leading a call to prohibit the Internal Revenue Service from implementing new rules that Wenstrup says would have a chilling effect on free speech. In late 2013, the IRS proposed new rules to redefine and regulate social welfare organizations like the ACLU and Rotary International, commonly called 501(c)(4) groups because of their designation in the tax code.

“We now know Americans and Ohioans were targeted by the IRS for their political beliefs, and now the IRS wants to make their irresponsible behavior permanent in official policy,” Wenstrup declared. “This isn’t just an affront to the Constitution, but a chilling threat to all Americans seeking to exercise their First Amendment rights of free speech.”

The letter, signed by 58 members of Congress, asks that Congress “prohibit the use of any funds for implementing any regulations that change” the definition of these social welfare organizations. Over 145,000 public comments were submitted to the IRS on the proposed regulations, most opposing the changes.

This comes as the House of Representatives is expected to vote to hold Louis Lerner, a former IRS executive at the center of the targeting scandal, in contempt of Congress. “Americans have never loved the IRS, but their distrust and fear are at an all-time high,” Wenstrup concluded.

Note: A copy of the letter is available here


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