Must-read for today

Washington, July 11, 2017 Contact: Hailey Sadler (202-225-3164)

I wanted to pass along a good read in the New York Times today about the quiet success of the Congressional Veterans' Affairs Committees and how we're (rightfully) putting the well-being and care of our nation's heroes before the type of partisan politics you too often hear about. Read the full article here

Just a few weeks ago, President Trump signed the VA Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act (S. 1094) into law - a bipartisan bill passed by both the House and Senate to bring major, much-needed reform to the VA. This is just one example of the bipartisan legislation we're passing to provide timely, quality care for our warfighters after they come home.

As Chairman of the House Veterans' Affairs Subcommittee on Health, I'm proud to be a part of leading these efforts. I'll continue to keep you posted on our work 

Yours in service,

P.S. Click here to learn about more action in the House, including my bill to streamline and update VA hiring processes. It's an honor to serve those who have fought for us.