4 Photos from Australia

Washington, August 29, 2017 Contact: Hailey Sadler (202-225-3164)

For over 70 years, Australia and the United States have been staunch allies, dating back to the height of World War II. Since then, Australia has fought in at least five wars alongside the United States of America. Australian troops have fought and died alongside ours in Iraq, where I served, and elsewhere in the Middle East, where the battle against terrorism continues. 

As a member of both the House Armed Services and Intelligence Committees, I know that Australia remains one of our closest and most capable military and intelligence partners around the globe. 

I recently returned home from assignment with the House Intelligence Committee in Australia, where leaders from across the globe gathered to discuss the increasingly complex national security environment we face as an international community. The U.S. and Australia must continue to build upon our intelligence and technology sharing, cooperating more on counter-terrorism measures and tactical planning.

During this assignment, we commemorated the Australian American Leadership Dialogue’s 25th Anniversary and its contribution to the bilateral relationship. The Leadership Dialogue must continue to remain a priority for our two countries going forward.

We will continue to work together to strengthen our strategic cooperation with our allies and equip our servicemembers and intelligence communities to detect, deter, and defeat the threats of the coming decade.