Washington, September 6, 2017 Contact: Hailey Sadler (202-225-3164)

Our fellow Americans in Texas and Louisiana saw devastation that’s unimaginable – personal possessions gone, homes destroyed, and towns flooded.  People across the country rushed to their aid, providing assistance through donations of money and supplies, as well as their time volunteering. When disaster strikes in America, we’re all in this together.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) plays an important role in disasters like Hurricane Harvey. However, in the wake of Harvey and as Hurricane Irma approaches, FEMA announced that without additional funds, its Disaster Relief Fund will be exhausted by Friday. 

Congress took action.

Today, the House of Representatives, with my support, voted to provide FEMA with additional funding for disaster relief and emergency assistance, as well as to the Small Business Administration for disaster loan programs for individuals, families, and small businesses who need help getting back on their feet. 

In the past, emergency funding bills have been sprinkled with special-interest gifts at the taxpayers’ expense. That’s not the case here