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This weekend (in photos)


Jobs + economic growth and fighting the opioid epidemic. These were the major topics of the weekend for my meetings, visits, roundtables, and conversations with law enforcement officers, healthcare providers, and business owners in Chillicothe, Manchester, and Georgetown, Ohio. Take a look:

Adena Regional Medical Center. I sat down with Jeff Graham, the new CEO of Adena Regional Medical Center in Chillicothe. We discussed how we can continue to work toward better serving our rural communities and ensuring access to care as well as new approaches to preventative care. 

Artectis. Artectis recently relocated jobs from overseas and put them right here in Ohio's Second District -- in Manchester. These aren't just any jobs -- they're careers in high-end IT openstack server support for over 186,000 clients across the globe. Bringing jobs and companies like this to our community is essential for economic growth and ensuring a thriving community for generations to come. 

Hopewell Health Center. Hopewell Health Center is a Federally Qualified Health Center that is serving on the frontlines of the opioid epidemic in Chillicothe. As we battle this crisis in our communities, I believe it is essential for the federal government to empower our local health providers to prevail in this crisis. These folks are face to face with those fighting addiction every day, and are steadily having a positive impact in Southern and Southwest Ohio.

Litter Distributing Company. I visited with local entrepreneur, Matt Litter, at Classic Brands in Chillicothe. It was good to hear his perspective on the hurdles that business owners face everyday, including burdensome taxes and regulations, and how the federal government can create policies that make it easier and more cost effective for companies like Litter Distributing Company to provide more, better paying jobs in our communities.

Law Enforcement Roundtable. In Brown County yesterday, I sat down with law enforcement officers who see first-hand what the opioid epidemic is doing to our community. I look forward to bringing their thoughts and insight back to Washington as we continue to work together to find a solution for both treatment and prevention. 

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