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To the president's desk

The House just passed the FY2018 National Defense Authorization Act so we can support the men and women who fight for us everyday. Here's a quick breakdown: 

Here's the problem...While the world has grown more dangerous, our military has grown smaller -- our men and women in uniform and their equipment are stretched thin after years of war, billions in budget cuts, downsizing, and continued funding uncertainty. As the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army recently testified: "Our Army requires modernized equipment to win decisively - but today we are outranged, outgunned, and outdated." We need to fix that. 

Our action: The House of Representatives just passed the bipartisan FY2018 National Defense Authorization Act. 

What the bill does: Passing the FY2018 NDAA begins the process to reverse our current readiness crisis trend lines. This bill fully funds the 2.4% pay raise our troops are entitled to -- so we can support our troops, and they can support their families. It continues important Military Health Systems reform and includes a study on safe opioid prescribing practices for our troops -- so our warfighters receive the best possible treatment. This legislation's focus on acquisition reform, equipment modernization, and increased end strength will help rebuild from the readiness crisis so we can better prepare our men and women who fight for us. 

What's next...
The bill heads to the president's desk for his signature. It's already been passed by the House and the Senate.

Bottom-line: The greatest fighting force in defense of freedom, our military, has been weakened and diminished over the last several decades. This has left our troops, and all of us, vulnerable while our adversaries have become more brazen and more emboldened.
The FY2018 NDAA respects our troops and their mission – to provide for the defense of the United States.