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GOP Doctors Caucus Statement on Biden Administration Vaccine Mandates

WASHINGTON – Today, the GOP Doctors Caucus released the following statement regarding the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s rulemaking announcement of the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate on private employers, health care workers, and federal contractors:

“While we are confident in the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccines and have led efforts to educate the American people on their safety and efficacy, we firmly believe whether or not to receive the vaccine is a decision that must be made between patients and their trusted doctors. The Biden administration’s federal vaccine mandates will alienate Americans and continue to divide our country. Further, the resulting health care professional layoffs and walkouts will jeopardize patients’ access to timely care. We double down on our call for President Biden to abandon this one-size-fits-all edict or, at the very least, create necessary accommodations for those with natural immunity through prior infection or regular testing and monitoring,” said the Doctors Caucus.

The group also added, “It is crucial for the Biden administration to focus on bolstering research and development of effective COVID-19 therapeutics, like monoclonal antibodies and Molnupiravir.”