Wenstrup Statement on Democrats’ Massive Unpaid for Social Spending Bill

Washington, November 19, 2021 Contact:

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Brad Wenstrup (R-Ohio) issued the following statement regarding the Democrats’ so-called "Build Back Better Act":

“As Americans face record inflation, the Democrats’ multitrillion-dollar ‘Build Back Broke’ plan will only worsen price increases, expand the role of government in almost everyone’s life, and hand out favors to privileged special interests.

Disastrous provisions in the bill include massive tax breaks for millionaires, disincentives on the innovation of new life-saving treatments and cures, and a massive expansion of the IRS’s power.

Further, the bill’s tax hikes on American businesses will worsen our supply chain crisis, boost overseas competitors, and give places — like China — better tax treatment than the United States.

I evaluate legislation on whether it makes Americans freer and if future generations will thank us. This fails on both counts. I urge the Senate to reject this behemoth bill and stop it from bankrupting American workers and families.”