Below you will find my entire voting record for the 113th and 114th Congresses. Here is some information you may find helpful in understanding each piece of legislation:

Bills are prefixed with H.R. when introduced in the House and S. when introduced in the Senate, and they are followed by a number based on the order in which they are introduced. The vast majority of legislative proposals are in the form of bills. Bills deal with domestic and foreign issues and programs, and they also appropriate money to various government agencies and programs.

Joint Resolutions are designated H.J. Res. or S.J. Res. and are followed by a number. Like a bill, a joint resolution requires the approval of both Chambers in identical form and the president’s signature to become law. The joint resolution is generally used for continuing or emergency appropriations.

Concurrent Resolutions, which are designated H.Con. Res. or S.Con. Res., and followed by a number, must be passed in the same form by both houses, but they do not require the signature of the president and do not have the force of law. Concurrent resolutions are generally used to make or amend rules that apply to both houses. They are also used to express the sentiments of both of the houses.

Simple Resolutions are designated H.Res. and S.Res., followed by a number. A simple resolution addresses matters entirely within the prerogative of one house, such as revising the standing rules of one Chamber. Simple resolutions are also used to express the sentiments of a single house.

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Date Roll Call # Bill Question Vote Bill Name
162 H.Con.Res. 25 On Motion to Suspend the Rules and Agree Yea
161 H.R. 5 On Passage of the Bill Aye
160 H.R. 5 On the Motion to Recommit Nay
159 On the Amendment No
158 On the Amendment No
157 On the Amendment No
156 On the Amendment Aye
155 On the Amendment No
154 On the Amendment Aye
153 On the Amendment Aye
152 On the Amendment No
151 On the Amendment No
150 On the Amendment No
149 H.J.Res. 30 Passage, Objections of the President To The Contrary Notwithstanding Yea
148 H.R. 406 On Motion to Suspend the Rules and Pass Yea To provide for the treatment of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations as an international organization for purposes of the International Organizations Immunities Act, and for other purposes.
147 H.Res. 241 On the Resolution Aye
146 H.Res. 241 On Ordering the Previous Question Yea
145 H.R. 1159 On Motion to Suspend the Rules and Pass Yea
144 H.R. 1093 On Motion to Suspend the Rules and Pass Yea
143 S.Amdt. 619 On Passage of the Bill Yea