Wenstrup Releases Statement on D.C. Authorization of Physician-Assisted Suicide

Washington, December 21, 2016 Contact:

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Brad Wenstrup (OH-02) released the following statement in response to D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s signing of, “The Death with Dignity Act of 2015” (Act 21-577), which would legalize physician assisted suicide in the District of Columbia:

“Having been a doctor for over twenty-five years, I believe physician-assisted suicide constitutes a serious threat to the underpinnings of our healthcare system. When doctors are authorized to violate the Hippocratic Oath of ‘do no harm,’ it undermines a key safeguard protecting some of our nation’s most vulnerable citizens: the disabled, the elderly, and those fighting depression and other mental illnesses. The D.C. government has ‘done harm.’ I firmly believe this is not the right path for Washington, D.C. – or for our nation – and I will continue to work to advance a healthcare system that best serves every American."

Act 21-577 allows an adult who has been diagnosed as terminally ill with less than six months to live to receive a prescription for medication to end his or her life. The full text of the legislation can be found here. Washington, D.C. has now joined six states – California, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, Montana, and Colorado – that have authorized physician-assisted suicide.





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