Today's healthcare agenda

Washington, July 13, 2017 Contact: Hailey Sadler (202-225-3164)

As we continue to work to provide relief from Obamacare and empower Americans with more options and lower costs, I'm continuing to hear from constituents, healthcare professionals and industry leaders from across Ohio and the country.

Here's a quick wrap-up of my healthcare meetings today:

Tri-West. Appreciated sitting down with representatives from TriWest Healthcare Alliance to discuss the VA Choice Program - and hear their thoughts on what we can do here in Congress to ensure that veterans can see a physician (inside or outside the VA) when they need one. 

340B Health. Elizabeth (Good Samaritan Hospital, Cincinnati) and Rory (Southern Ohio Medical Center, Portsmouth) joined me to share how hospitals in OH-02 are using the 340B drug program. 

Cardinal Health.  It was great sitting down with representatives from Cardinal Health, which is based here in Ohio. Cardinal Health provides healthcare solutions for hospitals, pharmacies, labs, and physician offices across the globe. 

Yours in service,

P.S. Take a look at some of the targeted reform bills the House passed last week, with my support, here.