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Re: CHIP Funding


Earlier in November, the House of Representatives passed the CHAMPIONING HEALTHY KIDS Act (H.R. 3922), with my support. This bill funds important programs like the Children’s Health Insurance Program, community health centers, and other critical public health priorities. Take a look: 

  • Children’s Health Insurance Program. CHIP is an important safety net program that provides healthcare to lower-income children both here in Ohio and across the country. In fact, 8.4 million children received their health insurance from CHIP in 2015. H.R. 3922 extends the CHIP program for 5 years.

  • Federally Qualified Health Centers. Community Health Centers are community-based, patient-centered organizations that, in some cases, serve as people’s only access points for quality and affordable medical care. The bill we passed today extends funding for these centers for two years through the Community Health Center Fund.
  • Public Health Programs. This bill extends funding for the National Health Service Corps, the Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Education, the Family to Family Health Information Centers, the Youth Empowerment Program, and the Personal Responsibility Education Program for two years. 
As a doctor, I know first-hand the value that these programs offer many throughout the country. As we continue our fight to ensure affordable, quality care for all, I was proud to support this legislation - and hope that my colleagues in the Senate take action.

P.S. H.R. 3922 is paid for by using a number of commonsense reforms that include limiting high-earners' Medicare subsidies and reducing eligibility for people like lottery winners to Medicaid. Learn more here