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GOP DOCTORS: Mandates drive opposition and are un-American

WASHINGTON – The GOP Doctors Caucus released the following statement after President Biden announced he would sign two executive orders that mandate COVID-19 vaccines for all federal employees and for private businesses that employ over 100 people.

β€œFor over a year, the GOP Doctors Caucus has been at the forefront educating the American people on the safety and efficacy of our COVID-19 vaccines and encouraging everyone to talk to their doctors to decide what is best for their personal situation. It is un-American for the federal government to mandate what personal health choices private businesses must require of their employees. Some have correctly perceived federal mandates as tyrannical. Personal health choices are just that, and private businesses should set their own policies. Health matters have generally been directed by the states; these new federal directives will and should be challenged. If this administration truly wants all Americans to receive the vaccine, it will immediately abandon this massive overreach and stop finding new ways to further politicize this virus. Here is the simple truth when seeking health information, Americans should not listen to politicians, cable news, or social media β€” talk to your doctor,” said the GOP Doctors Caucus.