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GOP Doctors Caucus Members Urge President Biden to Recognize Natural Immunity, Ensure Reasonable Accommodations for Federal Employees and Health Care Workers

WASHINGTON – Members of the GOP Doctors Caucus, while supportive of the benefits of the U.S. vaccines, sent letters to President Biden and the Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) regarding the recently announced vaccine mandates.

“We would like to express our deep concern regarding Executive Order 14043, requiring COVID-19 vaccination for Federal employees. We strongly urge you to reverse this mandate. If you choose to move forward, we ask that you revise the Administration’s policy to provide Federal employees the ability to test-out from any vaccination requirement if they can demonstrate natural immunity to the disease. In addition, we urge you to allow routine testing as an alternative to mandatory vaccination for those who choose to forgo vaccination and cannot prove natural immunity,” the members wrote to President Biden.

You can read the GOP Doctors Caucus letter to President Biden regarding the federal employee vaccine mandate here.

“We are deeply concerned that our nation’s health systems, which are already experiencing a severe workforce shortage, will be further – and perhaps catastrophically – strained by an inflexible COVID-19 vaccine mandate forcing frontline health care workers to choose between vaccination and continued employment,” the members wrote to Administrator Brooks-LaSure.

You can read the GOP Doctors Caucus letter to CMS Administrator Brooks-LaSure regarding the anticipated vaccine mandate for staff within all Medicare and Medicaid-certified facilities here.

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