Wenstrup Blasts Obama’s “Nuclear Negligence”

American Centrifuge Funding not included in Presidential Budget

Washington, February 9, 2016 Contact: Greg Brooks ((202) 225-3164)

On the day President Obama released the final budget proposal of his presidency, the administration continues to propose no funding to preserve the American Centrifuge Project capabilities in Piketon, Ohio.

“In his final year, President Obama shows his true colors by shunning our nation’s nuclear security. The President’s budget has zero – nothing – to continue maintaining our only domestically owned source of uranium enrichment, which is key to our military capabilities,” Wenstrup said. “Congress, like in years past, will work to undo the President’s nuclear negligence.”

Last year’s Presidential budget proposal also included no funding for the American Centrifuge Project, but Congress was able to insert funding to help sustain the vital ability. The Department of Energy still has not spent the money Congress provided.  

“This project is a national security imperative to ensure we have a continued domestic supply of enriched uranium to support our nuclear-powered navy and nuclear based assets,” Wenstrup continued. “It is shameful for the Obama Administration to walk away from this longstanding investment, leaving southern Ohio and the nation with another broken promise from this administration.”

The president’s budget is not binding and largely seen as dead-on-arrival in Congress, but it sets the parameters for funding discussions heading into next year.

“We continue to press for a plan to meet our national security need for domestic enrichment abilities—the good people of Southern Ohio deserve answers, and accountability.”

Office of Representative Brad Wenstrup